Need a Freelance Writer?

Do you need a freelance writer to help you communicate effectively with your target audience and get your message across?

Do you run a business, or a cultural or heritage organisation, in northern England? Are you proud of its northern roots, and keen to celebrate them?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! My name is Tania Taylor, and I’m based in Hexham, Northumberland.

I write:

  • Website copy
  • Blog posts
  • Press releases
  • Brochures, leaflets and fliers
  • Case studies
  • Email newsletters
  • Magazine articles

I can also arrange a complementary photography service.

If you need promotional copy, but words aren’t your strong suit – or you simply lack the time to write them – I can help. I’ll get to the heart of your organisation, find out what makes you tick, and get your message across in clear, polished copy, carefully crafted to meet your needs.

Perhaps you’re happy to do the writing, but feel that another pair of eyes might be useful in guarding against stray errors in your text? I’m an experienced copy-editor and proofreader,  and can advise you on possible revisions that will make your prose sparkle.

I’m as proud of your northern roots as you are. If you’d like me to help you celebrate them, get in touch!

Freelance Writer and Proofreader in Northern England